Posted by: alysiabulva | November 27, 2011

Still Here!!

I promise, I haven’t forgotten…. well… not completely…


Wow, is it ever easy to get busy with two kids! Here is a quick catch-up on the past couple of months…

Collan:   Collan is pretty much the same. He is loving his new swing set complete with surf board, can’t get enough of riding the lawn mower around the yard with Andrew, and is expanding his artistic abilities daily with his new easel (an awesome find at the still good shed at the dump). He is growing more and more all the time, and is so smart (read: has an answer for everything!). He is so busy trying to learn everything he can from us, asking questions and exploring. He still loves his baby brother to no end and wants to be attached to him at all times.Oh, and yes… although it has been trimmed the mo-hawk is still there 🙂

Kyle:     Kyle is growing every second of every day, I swear! He is so curious about everything his brother is doing and wants to be right there, doing what Collan is doing. He is eating almost all solid foods, drinking out of a sippy (straw) cup at least 2 times a day, and started to crawl this week. Not a ton of crawling at a time, but enough to get him to things he wants (Collan’s chain saw, Collan’s nutcracker, Collan’s peanut butter and jelly, Collan’s chocolate milk (really, any food)… are we sensing a pattern here?? Kyle also sprouted his first tooth sometime overnight last night or this morning.


So there it is… the past 3 months in a nutshell. Yes, we got hit by the pre-Halloween snow storm, yes we lost power from Saturday night – Thursday evening, and yes our trick-or-treating got postponed. The boys were dressed as a dragon (Collan) and a dinosaur (Kyle) for Halloween, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, and Christmas cards/pictures are soon to come (if you are reading this and would like a Christmas card please email me your address, I lost most addresses in the move – must make an address book on the computer). If I can think of anything else I will update again. Also coming soon… videos 🙂


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