Posted by: alysiabulva | February 25, 2012

Fun with my Boys

The past few days have been tons of fun for me with my kids. We had some friends come and spend the night on Thursday, and the kids just played and played until they crashed. Then on Friday we found an indoor playground for the kiddos to get their energy out since it was a rainy/sleety/snowy day around here. We went to the fabulous Bobo’s Indoor Playground down the street, where it cost $24 for all day, come and go as you wish, play for all of our kids and their parents. Bounce houses, Inflatable slides, a playground type structure, slides and an enclosed area for little ones (although I think Kyle enjoyed the big kid stuff more), bikes, rock climbing, all sorts of fun stuff. 2 hours in the morning, then Andrew and I took the boys back for an hour/hour and a half or so later in the afternoon. I must say, I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids… especially the jumping in the bounce house with all three of my guys.

Both boys crashed after our day of play! While not crashing straight from bed time to morning, they did both fall asleep quickly and both get a pretty good night’s sleep 🙂

Then we (being Collan and I) were off and running again this morning! It was storytime at Target with Dr. Seuss books and treats at 9am, then building at Lowes at 10am, and then (Collan’s choice) back to Target for more Dr. Seuss fun. All in all it made for some awesome time with my boys.

My little Lorax 🙂

*A big thank-you to Target and Lowes for their free Saturday activities for kids. My four year old and I both greatly appreciate them.


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