Posted by: alysiabulva | January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions… and apology for abscence

OK, so let me start off by apologizing for not posting here in a while…. I had some trouble getting stuff posted. I tried to write a post that included pictures from Kyle’s 1st Birthday and for some reason I couldn’t get any of it to work and I just kind of slipped away from it after that. But, I am back… and hoping to keep up with it this time.


So here goes… it’s time for a new year, and with a new year comes “new beginnings” although when you stop and think about it, it’s just another day really…. but I am going to try out this whole resolution and “new beginnings” thing this year for myself. Anyway, I stay so busy with the kids and everything during the day that I don’t have a lot of time to really mull things over…. which makes things like car rides when I’m the passenger, lying in bed not able to sleep, and the rare non-rushed shower dangerous… cause I think too much. So, I have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am, and how I have taken too much for granted… and then, that got me thinking about how to better myself, and how to better appreciate all that I have. And here is what I have come up with (although it may be tweaked here and there throughout the year… I am open to change and tend to be pretty flexible…):


Let me start off by saying that we did definitely have some great times during 2012. BUT… I am looking to make 2013 a much better year than 2012 was… and with that, I will start with me and hope the pieces will all fall together.

In 2013 I resolve to:

– spend less time on Facebook… only on my lunch break or after the kids have gone to bed will I sign on. This is one thing I have said in the past that I have had a hard time following through with. I need to do this, for myself, my kids, my family. I care so much about everyone I encounter, and because of that caring Facebook sucks me in. I will not deactivate because I keep in touch with a lot of people through Facebook, but I really need to back off of it. This will probably be the hardest thing for me to do, so bear with me while I try my hardest.

– get myself more organized. Working full-time makes it hard to keep up around the house, but I need to organize things and set a schedule for myself so I can get done what needs to get done. If that means getting up at 5am to give myself some time to get dishes done or a load of laundry before work while the kids sleep then that’s what I will do.

– take care of me. This past August my doctor told me I need to lose 20 lbs. I am almost halfway there… although the holidays aren’t helping too much. Anyway, I am making it a personal goal of mine to lose the rest of the weight the doctor set for me, and then to lose a little more on top of it. So, I will see the doctor’s 20 and raise her another 10. We’ll see how that goes…. I would love to be able to go bathing suit shopping this summer. Although, I don’t plan to do any crazy dieting or anything. I just plan to be more active with my kids and maybe snack a little less.

– be a better mom…. spend more time playing with my kids and reading to my kids. Time gets away so quickly, and it really needs to slow down. My kids deserve more of me, and I want to soak up every minute with them. I want to teach them things, I want to laugh with them, I want to learn from them, and I want to know at the end of each and every day that I am giving them the best life I possibly can.

– be a better wife. This falls into the whole less time on Facebook thing. This whole social media just sucks up way too much of my time. I can’t say it enough…. I really, really need to back off of Facebook.

– to document life better. I need to take more pictures, more videos, post here more often with these pictures and videos and the stories to go with them… I need to get baby books worked on for both of my kids, get more pictures up on my walls (given I can find more room). I want the world to see how much I enjoy my family, and what a huge impact they have on me. They are my inspiration, my heart, my reason for getting out of bed every morning.

So…. this year will be full of many things…. Of course, there is always working, cleaning, and the various children’s activities and appointments. But, I plan to get back to where I was last year…. baking, dancing, laughing, reading, jumping in puddles, walking, learning, playing, smiling, taking pictures, crafting… etc, etc, etc. Hope this all works out… and that everyone else has a happy and healthy 2013.


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