Posted by: alysiabulva | August 7, 2013

Ice Skating

*This was typed back in February, but never posted*

I have never been much of an ice skater. I could probably count on one hand how many times in my life I have been skating, and three of those times are since meeting my husband when I was 17. But, Andrew grew up in a hockey rink. His dad drove the zamboni, and he played hockey as a kid. Collan is also a fan of the ice. We enrolled him in a learn to skate program about a year ago and he has one so far, both in skating skills and in confidence since beginning this program. Soon it will be time for Collan to be signed up for learn to play hockey. He is looking forward to this so much. Last week we went for a round of public skate to work on some speed and skating backwards (two things his teacher says he needs to work on to pass this session) and we decided we’d take Kyle out on the ice and see how he did. So, all four of us trekked out onto the ice with the dozens of other people that were there that day. Honestly, I thought it would be a nice quiet day there because it was Super Bowl Sunday…. yea right!!! I have never seen so many people in that rink! Needless to say, we didn’t get to work on skating backwards but his speed was great! I wish he’d skate like that during class.


While Kyle had a tough time staying upright, he says he had fun and kept going back out for more…. so maybe we have another avid skater on our hands. So, a fun time was had by all and I, for one, look forward to going back an skating with the kids some more… but maybe on a less crowded day next time…



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