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Life has been beyond busy!! So last week, I took the chance to “slow down” for a bit…. I took a vacation from work!! The kids and I had so much fun together… and Andrew even joined us for a few days. We spent some time at the lake with friends, visited the library, enjoyed the book store, had a beach day with family and went blueberry picking. We also got back to the football schedule! Loved my time off, and look forward to more fun and adventures with my family at every opportunity.



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Ice Skating

*This was typed back in February, but never posted*

I have never been much of an ice skater. I could probably count on one hand how many times in my life I have been skating, and three of those times are since meeting my husband when I was 17. But, Andrew grew up in a hockey rink. His dad drove the zamboni, and he played hockey as a kid. Collan is also a fan of the ice. We enrolled him in a learn to skate program about a year ago and he has one so far, both in skating skills and in confidence since beginning this program. Soon it will be time for Collan to be signed up for learn to play hockey. He is looking forward to this so much. Last week we went for a round of public skate to work on some speed and skating backwards (two things his teacher says he needs to work on to pass this session) and we decided we’d take Kyle out on the ice and see how he did. So, all four of us trekked out onto the ice with the dozens of other people that were there that day. Honestly, I thought it would be a nice quiet day there because it was Super Bowl Sunday…. yea right!!! I have never seen so many people in that rink! Needless to say, we didn’t get to work on skating backwards but his speed was great! I wish he’d skate like that during class.


While Kyle had a tough time staying upright, he says he had fun and kept going back out for more…. so maybe we have another avid skater on our hands. So, a fun time was had by all and I, for one, look forward to going back an skating with the kids some more… but maybe on a less crowded day next time…


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My boys currently love superheroes. Spiderman and Batman are at the top of the list, but really they are into all of them.

Image    Image







What they don’t realize is they already are heroes, just by being here. They give me the most important reason to get out of bed every morning, the best reason to push myself in everything I do, and they put a smile on my face each and every day.


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2013 Resolutions… and apology for abscence

OK, so let me start off by apologizing for not posting here in a while…. I had some trouble getting stuff posted. I tried to write a post that included pictures from Kyle’s 1st Birthday and for some reason I couldn’t get any of it to work and I just kind of slipped away from it after that. But, I am back… and hoping to keep up with it this time.


So here goes… it’s time for a new year, and with a new year comes “new beginnings” although when you stop and think about it, it’s just another day really…. but I am going to try out this whole resolution and “new beginnings” thing this year for myself. Anyway, I stay so busy with the kids and everything during the day that I don’t have a lot of time to really mull things over…. which makes things like car rides when I’m the passenger, lying in bed not able to sleep, and the rare non-rushed shower dangerous… cause I think too much. So, I have been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am, and how I have taken too much for granted… and then, that got me thinking about how to better myself, and how to better appreciate all that I have. And here is what I have come up with (although it may be tweaked here and there throughout the year… I am open to change and tend to be pretty flexible…):


Let me start off by saying that we did definitely have some great times during 2012. BUT… I am looking to make 2013 a much better year than 2012 was… and with that, I will start with me and hope the pieces will all fall together.

In 2013 I resolve to:

– spend less time on Facebook… only on my lunch break or after the kids have gone to bed will I sign on. This is one thing I have said in the past that I have had a hard time following through with. I need to do this, for myself, my kids, my family. I care so much about everyone I encounter, and because of that caring Facebook sucks me in. I will not deactivate because I keep in touch with a lot of people through Facebook, but I really need to back off of it. This will probably be the hardest thing for me to do, so bear with me while I try my hardest.

– get myself more organized. Working full-time makes it hard to keep up around the house, but I need to organize things and set a schedule for myself so I can get done what needs to get done. If that means getting up at 5am to give myself some time to get dishes done or a load of laundry before work while the kids sleep then that’s what I will do.

– take care of me. This past August my doctor told me I need to lose 20 lbs. I am almost halfway there… although the holidays aren’t helping too much. Anyway, I am making it a personal goal of mine to lose the rest of the weight the doctor set for me, and then to lose a little more on top of it. So, I will see the doctor’s 20 and raise her another 10. We’ll see how that goes…. I would love to be able to go bathing suit shopping this summer. Although, I don’t plan to do any crazy dieting or anything. I just plan to be more active with my kids and maybe snack a little less.

– be a better mom…. spend more time playing with my kids and reading to my kids. Time gets away so quickly, and it really needs to slow down. My kids deserve more of me, and I want to soak up every minute with them. I want to teach them things, I want to laugh with them, I want to learn from them, and I want to know at the end of each and every day that I am giving them the best life I possibly can.

– be a better wife. This falls into the whole less time on Facebook thing. This whole social media just sucks up way too much of my time. I can’t say it enough…. I really, really need to back off of Facebook.

– to document life better. I need to take more pictures, more videos, post here more often with these pictures and videos and the stories to go with them… I need to get baby books worked on for both of my kids, get more pictures up on my walls (given I can find more room). I want the world to see how much I enjoy my family, and what a huge impact they have on me. They are my inspiration, my heart, my reason for getting out of bed every morning.

So…. this year will be full of many things…. Of course, there is always working, cleaning, and the various children’s activities and appointments. But, I plan to get back to where I was last year…. baking, dancing, laughing, reading, jumping in puddles, walking, learning, playing, smiling, taking pictures, crafting… etc, etc, etc. Hope this all works out… and that everyone else has a happy and healthy 2013.

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Fun with my Boys

The past few days have been tons of fun for me with my kids. We had some friends come and spend the night on Thursday, and the kids just played and played until they crashed. Then on Friday we found an indoor playground for the kiddos to get their energy out since it was a rainy/sleety/snowy day around here. We went to the fabulous Bobo’s Indoor Playground down the street, where it cost $24 for all day, come and go as you wish, play for all of our kids and their parents. Bounce houses, Inflatable slides, a playground type structure, slides and an enclosed area for little ones (although I think Kyle enjoyed the big kid stuff more), bikes, rock climbing, all sorts of fun stuff. 2 hours in the morning, then Andrew and I took the boys back for an hour/hour and a half or so later in the afternoon. I must say, I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids… especially the jumping in the bounce house with all three of my guys.

Both boys crashed after our day of play! While not crashing straight from bed time to morning, they did both fall asleep quickly and both get a pretty good night’s sleep 🙂

Then we (being Collan and I) were off and running again this morning! It was storytime at Target with Dr. Seuss books and treats at 9am, then building at Lowes at 10am, and then (Collan’s choice) back to Target for more Dr. Seuss fun. All in all it made for some awesome time with my boys.

My little Lorax 🙂

*A big thank-you to Target and Lowes for their free Saturday activities for kids. My four year old and I both greatly appreciate them.

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Update on Carter

For anyone who visited throughout the past week and read the story of Carter, or anyone clicking on this for the first time (you really should read the last post if this is the case) I feel obligated to update you to Carter’s (and his family’s) status.

I am sad to report that this morning, February 22, Carter lost his battle with Leukemia. My, and my families, hearts go out to Carter’s family. Such a loss, so quickly, and at such a young age is something that should never have to be experienced. I can’t imagine what this family is going through. This little fighter has reminded me that life is something precious, something not to be taken for granted.

There is still fundraising going on. Bracelets still being sold, donations still being accepted to help this family out.

I don’t know what else to say at this point, my heart is very heavy tonight.

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Hearts for Carter

As a parent I want many things for my children… but above all, the one thing I hope for every morning when I wake up is that they are happy and healthy.

During my pregnancy with Kyle I looked into a lot of online resources. During this time I made myself an account on a web site called Baby Center. Through Baby Center I joined a birth board where I was able to chat and interact with other women who were expecting and due around the same time as me. Moms in the group shared pregnancy experiences and discuss so many things from older children, to birth stories, fears and worries to proud moments, vents and frustrations to funny stories, and much, much more. Many moms have become close, some have formed facebook groups, and some have even met in real life. It is through this Baby Center group that we have all come to know of Carter’s story, and that is the story I am going to share with you today.

Hearts for Carter

Carter was born in March, like Kyle, but unlike Kyle, Carter was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia when he was 12 weeks old. He underwent chemotherapy treatments, and after the third round in October his parents were told he was in remission. They completed the final two rounds of chemo to make sure they got it all, and Carter was home with his family for Christmas. Fast forward to February. Carter’s mom brought him to the doctor for what seemed to be constipation. Symptoms weren’t adding up, and after running some tests the doctors found that Carter had a tumor covering 25% of his brain. They performed surgery and were able to remove 50% of the tumor. The doctors also discovered that there were more tumors. These ones are wrapping around his spine and are inoperable. Carter got his first round of chemo yesterday (2/16).

All Megan (Carter’s mom) has ever asked of the group of moms is prayers. I can’t even imagine what this family is going through. I look at my boys and try to think of what it would be like to be in the hospital with them, watching them go through something like this, seeing how much strength they posses at such a young age, and I know what is going through my head while thinking about it can’t even hold a candle to what Megan and her family are going through. I am definitely squeezing my kids a little harder each time I hug them, enjoying each smile, laugh, hug and kiss a little more, and have vowed to not take them for granted.

Kyle with his heart for Carter. Stay strong Carter!!!

Some of the moms in the group have put together an amazing fundraiser. They are selling “Hearts for Carter” bracelets, similar to the popular “LIVESTRONG” bracelets. The bracelets are $5 a piece and all proceeds go directly to Carter’s family. There are no shipping fees either, as other moms have donated envelopes and stamps for mailing out the bracelets. Some people have even bought bracelets and then donated them back to be re-sold. Please consider going to the linked facebook page (found at the bottom of this post) and buying a bracelet. I have bought two, and Collan and I will wear them proudly. And if you pray, then please do so for Carter and his family. If you don’t pray, please keep them in your thoughts.

Hearts for Carter Bracelet Fundraiser

Recent newspaper article

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Snow :)

So, for our first snow in our new home we were a tad bit stressed and didn’t really take the opportunity to dress the kids up in their snow suits and take them outside, considering that because of this strange October snow we were without power for the better part of a week. Anyway, today we got our first bit of accumulating snow since then. Wasn’t much, no more than an inch or two, but it was enough for snow ball fights, pulling Kyle in the sled and blowing up the snow tube for Collan.

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Tis The Season!

Well, here it is… December, and our first holiday season in our new house. Also, Kyle’s first Christmas!! I find that every year the holiday spirit seems to be more and more present. I think seeing the holidays come alive for my kids makes it all worth it 🙂 We are getting ready for Christmas, as Collan says, and can’t wait to see what every little bit of the season brings. Enjoy all of your blessings this season!!!

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Still Here!!

I promise, I haven’t forgotten…. well… not completely…


Wow, is it ever easy to get busy with two kids! Here is a quick catch-up on the past couple of months…

Collan:   Collan is pretty much the same. He is loving his new swing set complete with surf board, can’t get enough of riding the lawn mower around the yard with Andrew, and is expanding his artistic abilities daily with his new easel (an awesome find at the still good shed at the dump). He is growing more and more all the time, and is so smart (read: has an answer for everything!). He is so busy trying to learn everything he can from us, asking questions and exploring. He still loves his baby brother to no end and wants to be attached to him at all times.Oh, and yes… although it has been trimmed the mo-hawk is still there 🙂

Kyle:     Kyle is growing every second of every day, I swear! He is so curious about everything his brother is doing and wants to be right there, doing what Collan is doing. He is eating almost all solid foods, drinking out of a sippy (straw) cup at least 2 times a day, and started to crawl this week. Not a ton of crawling at a time, but enough to get him to things he wants (Collan’s chain saw, Collan’s nutcracker, Collan’s peanut butter and jelly, Collan’s chocolate milk (really, any food)… are we sensing a pattern here?? Kyle also sprouted his first tooth sometime overnight last night or this morning.


So there it is… the past 3 months in a nutshell. Yes, we got hit by the pre-Halloween snow storm, yes we lost power from Saturday night – Thursday evening, and yes our trick-or-treating got postponed. The boys were dressed as a dragon (Collan) and a dinosaur (Kyle) for Halloween, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, and Christmas cards/pictures are soon to come (if you are reading this and would like a Christmas card please email me your address, I lost most addresses in the move – must make an address book on the computer). If I can think of anything else I will update again. Also coming soon… videos 🙂

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